I will use all of these skills in my profession.  Awesome!  Loved the 1 on 1 with other people.

Lauren, Shelter Manager

Very informational and broad based.  Good mix of video, presentation, and small group work.

Scott, Homeless Shelter Director

Leader Experiences

"Alma’s sharing has resulted in our supervisors seeing a much more person-centered and collaborative approach. The cohesiveness of what Alma shares is a talent draw, a lot of the newer-to-the-field staff really like the mindful/MI approach.  Clients are not always here of their own choice and getting them to trust us is a primary focus.  Working with high-needs individuals can create a lot of burnout and using MI will help to decrease that.  As a result of Alma’s work with us, we’ve significantly decreased the number of clients on commitment and are seeing better results with difficult clients.  Staff find the trainings to be very useful and relevant.   Shawn is very receptive, adapting what he shares to our service environment and working within our budget."




Behavioral Health Manager, 

County Human Services

We're a social services agency, county run with a broad reach. The behavior changes we see come about in our clients is because of the relationship the workers are able to build with the youth. Sometimes we have time constraints so rapid engagement is important.  Our staff are seeing the change as they make MI their own.  We now have an MI work group that is meeting on a regular basis.  Staff have been very pleased with Shawn, he’s well organized, great trainer, they come out very motivated. 


Social Work Supervisor

County Social Services

When we engaged with Alma, we were able to provide our already very skilled staff with a way to engage families in really, really hard discussions. The MI skill set that Alma shared with us allowed our team to establish trusting relationships in challenging circumstances.  We are very focused on the well-being of the families we serve by connecting them to formal and informal supports to attend to behavioral and mental health needs.  Many of our clients come to us involuntarily, and already have a lot trauma and complex issues.  After some initial research, we found Alma and met with Shawn to ensure that his approach matched what we wanted.  Using Alma's MI training allows the staff to see the family’s cultural paradigm so we can individualize our service delivery to their healthy needs and wants. This allows the family to be the educator of their own culture as well as their own trauma resolution and healing.  In all, we’ve found Alma to be collaborative and appreciate very much the ongoing learning opportunities they provide.  Our team finds what Alma shares immediately relevant to their work and their own lives.


Child Well-Being Manager

Associate Director of Institute for Child and Well-Being

Children's Hospital of WI, Community Services

Excellent trainer.  Modeled what he was teaching and held your attention.  Personable, knowledgeable, very attentive to his audience.  Obvious he is a professional in the field.

Bryan, Executive Director

Great balance of learning through talk & interaction.  Kept us engaged through the day.

Sara, Executive Director

Although I don't work with clients, I do supervise staff - and I have a teenager - and I learned a lot that I didn't expect!  Great use of examples, activities, and humor!

Robyn, Assistant Director

Very informational and broad based.  Good mix of video, presentation, and small group work.

Scott, Homeless Shelter Director

I will use all of these skills in my profession.  Awesome!  Loved the 1 on 1 with other people.

Lauren, Shelter Manager

Excellent!  Enjoyed the humor, stories, and engagement.

Sue, Executive Director

The training was very interactive and informative.  Able to relate the information to my job.  Humorous, engaging, did not feel talked at - felt talked with - more of a conversation.

Kristina, Program Manager

I love MI.  I see the benefits of this practice. This really works with families.  Best skills training in a long time. Shawn's knowledge & feedback was spot on.

Katy, CPS Supervisor

Learner Experiences

This training creates a social conscience.  Shawn was very helpful and encouraging in his work.  Knew what he was teaching and evoking.  The training was great and active! 

Destiny, Community Health Navigator

Children's Hospital

Definitely something that will benefit the population I serve.  Humours, knowledgeable, made information fun.  

Chloe, Lead Clinical Case Manager

Homeless Shelter for Men

Great presentation.  Shawn was able to simplify a complex idea and connect it to my work.  I can see how it can fit into my interactions with client.  Great stories, examples, and videos.

Bao, Case Manager

Homeless Shelter for Men

This training was structured, organized, and the concepts flowed together to facilitate learning.  Lots of good safe opportunities for practice.  I really feel the days went by quickly.  Shawn was knowledgeable and told good stories.

Andrea, Case Manager

Opening Avenues to Recovery Services

I thoroughly enjoyed the training & love using MI & getting others excited about it & the the training helps me learn how to do so!

Brittany, Social Worker

I have attended countless MI trainings but this one is by far the most interactive and will stick with me.  Many interactive activities.  Kept everyone engaged.

Ryne, Case Manager

Great, engaging speaker. Fun & funny!

Sara, Case Manager for Housing Program

This training was extremely applicable to my daily work. The exercises were impactful & promoted understanding & comprehension.  MI will greatly impact our program.

Krista, Life Skills Coordinator

VERY good skills to have and know how to use.  Varied activities.

Sara, Case Manager

for People Experiencing Homelessness

I felt at home, safe, and respected.

Amanda, Child Protection

Initial Assessment Case Manager

This was the first MI training I've done.  I think I got a really good grasp of the tools.  Great job!  Shawn was funny, informative, mixed it up and was engaging in the different stories.  Great video clips.

Leigh, Case Manager

Shawn is very engaging.  Keeps it moving fast, involves audience.

Missy, Intake & Assessment

Loved the role playing and other activities.  Excellent job!

Michelle, Family Services Coordinator

Shawn is great to work with.  I trusted him and he was relaxed and professional.

Amanda, Initial Assessment Worker

Shawn is very in tune with the group's needs and wants for learning.

Bailey, Social Worker

Children & Families

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