Better Client Engagement Equals Less Hospitalizations

"Alma’s sharing has resulted in our supervisors seeing a much more person-centered approach and more collaboration across our team.  The cohesiveness of what Alma shares is a talent draw, a lot of the newer-to-the-field staff really like the mindful/MI approach.  
Being a county organization, we serve higher need clients. For a number of reasons, they don't have access to private providers. Their needs are significant enough that they need more services than just therapy. We work to rapidly engage them in services to prevent them from being hospitalized. Better client engagement equals less hospitalizations. We have a number of clients that are court ordered and come to us feeling forced to work with us.  As such they are hesitant to share with us their full story. Getting clients to trust us is a primary focus.  Working with high needs individuals can create a lot of burnout. Staff retention is really important to establish and sustain that trust. It's hard on the clients if we have turnover. It helps everyone, staff and clients, to have everyone working under the same model and keeping methods consistent. We employ people from the entire spectrum of degrees from High School Diploma to MDs.  
We went looking for something that allowed us to achieve a common approach across role-type.  After a bit of searching, we found Alma and Shawn came to do an initial MI Training.  As a result of Alma’s work with us, we’ve significantly decreased the number of clients on commitment and are seeing better results with difficult clients.  Clients that were resistive to our services are showing less resistance and we are showing an increase in the number of clients working with us on a voluntary basis.  
We had a full staff training, then two additional staff become MITI Coders & Coaches. They are our champions and guide the ongoing learning within our team.  Staff find the trainings to be very useful and relevant.   Shawn is very receptive, adapting what he shares to our service environment and working within our budget.  


Behavioral Health Manager

County Human Services

Staff are Seeing the Change

"We're a social services agency, county run with a broad reach.  Our team works with youth and families in child abuse & neglect situations, youth foster care as well as court-involved youth.  Rapport is a huge part of our outcomes. The behavior changes we see come about in our clients is because of the relationship the workers are able to build with the youth. Sometimes we have time constraints so rapid engagement is important. Alma was highly recommended by some colleagues at the Wisconsin DOC.  We had some staff go through Shawn’s MI training a year ago. Those staff are working with our clients differently and seeing more success.  We had Alma back for another two cohorts this year. Our staff are seeing the change as they become more familiar with MI.  It’s also helping staff to staff interactions.  Staff have been very pleased with Shawn, he’s well organized, great trainer, they come out very motivated.  We now have an MI work group that is meeting on a regular basis.  A few of our staff went to Alma’s MITI Coding & Coaching Training and they have taken a lead role in our implementation."


Social Work Supervisor

County Social Services

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